Please contact us by phone or email and let know what dates you wish to drop off and pick up your pet. We will promptly respond to let you know if there is space available, and send you a copy of our Guest Profile Form to fill out and return. This form provides us with your contact information as well as information about your dog.
All dogs are welcome! We do not believe in breed bans. However, for everyone’s safety and well-being, if any dog shows human aggression, excessive territorial behaviours, or self-mutilation while staying with us, we may recommend alternate care and training options. We recommend an overnight trial board for new guests before you go away for an extended period.
We believe that pets should be spayed or neutered. We will, however, accept unaltered pets on a trial basis. Unaltered dogs are unlikely to participate in group play, but will still have their own individual time in the play yard with human interaction.
Each pet in our care has their own personal space with visual barriers between runs to help prevent stress, fence-fighting, and to allow them their own natural den-like space to relax. Our secure fencing allows dogs to move freely off leash from the kennel to the yards, while preventing contact with other dogs.
As a rule we do not accept dogs/cats that are in heat due to the stress it can cause in other guests. However, if all the other guests are neutered or female, we may accept your cat/dog. Your dog will not be able to participate in group play, but will have individual time in the play yard with human interaction.
-Proof of current vaccinations or statement of health from a licensed veterinarian.

-Your dog’s/cat’s food and treats, clearly labeled with feeding instructions (please note the brand of food for our records).

-Medications or supplements, clearly labeled with your dog’s/cat’s name and instructions (please note the name of medication for our records).

-If you prefer to bring something familiar from home, please feel free to bring your pet’s toys or bedding.

We Provide:
-Comfortable Kuranda cot-style beds for dogs. (www.Kuranda.com)

-Cozy sleeping beds for cats.

-Deep pile Vet fleeces for all beds. (www.thewhelpingbox.com/ultimate-vet-fleece)

-Additional blankets and towels as needed.

-Stainless steel bowls and water buckets.

Yes, if this what your dog is accustomed to sleeping in. Please check with us to confirm that it will fit through our doorways.
We can usually arrange pick up and delivery of pets. Please call for pricing.
We do request that you only pick up and drop off your pet during our 8:30 am – 4:30 pm business hours. However, under special or extenuating circumstances an after hours pick or drop off may be arranged in advance. Additional fees may apply.
First thing in the morning dogs are taken out into the play area to do their business and read the p-mails. We spend some one-on-one time with each dog, developing a trusting relationship. This time also gives us an opportunity to monitor their bm’s, as well as their unique personalities and behaviours. Our facility was specifically designed on a small scale that allows us to dedicate more time to each guest and to care for your pets as if they were our own.

Once their rooms are tidied and beds made, dogs are served fresh clean water and breakfast. After breakfast their full stomachs are given time to digest. In mid-morning all dogs are given playtime in the yard to hang out, with us individually, or in socialized groups.

At mid-day we serve lunch for some, depending on each dog’s feeding schedule. All dogs are given another playtime in the afternoon, before dinner is served. Interaction, socialization, and exercise are vital in maintaining a calm and enjoyable environment for all our guests.

After a full day of mental and physical activity, dogs are given time to relax. Before settling in for the night and being served their bedtime snacks, dogs are given another exercise time in the yard.

Unless your dog has been trained to accept new situations, new people, and new dogs they are likely to experience some stress and anxiety when they first arrive. It is not unusual for their appetite to be a bit off for the first few days as well.
Music is piped into every suite. Through a Dog’s Ear, is the only clinically researched auditory series with practical solutions for canine anxiety issues. (www.ThroughADogsEar.com)
    • Do all dogs go out together for group play?

Safety is our first priority, and we only allow dogs to socialize together if they are mannerly, comfortable, and respond to our verbal commands. We match dogs in small groups of two to four. As we get to know get to know our regular guests we may form larger play groups.

Each and every dog receives time in the yard at least four times a day, with other dogs, or one-on-one with us.

    • What about senior, arthritic, or lame dogs?

All dogs are naturally social, even if they don’t obviously interact together. Hanging out in the yard together, grazing on grass, reading the p-mail, laying in the sun, and getting rub downs are some of their favorite activities. Having fun along with low impact movement is the best mental and physical therapy for dogs with mobility issues.

We never group frail dogs with rambunctious dogs, so all dogs can be confident, relaxed, and comfortable.

Rough play can contribute to sports injuries in any dog, just like humans, especially when they are not used to daily exercise or have a bit of a weight problem.

  • Big breed hyper-active puppies?

Large breed and overly active puppies are often too strong and intense for other dogs to play with. Large dogs often take longer to mature, exhibiting many puppy behaviours in a big clumsy body. Adult female dogs tend to put puppies “in their place,” and this can be mistaken for aggression.

A well socialized dog knows how to play with a variety of ages and sizes of dogs. They know to be gentle with a shy or petite dog, but can wrestle or play a friendly game of chase with another.