icon white paw         Before You Arrive

  • As you plan and prepare for your cat’s stay with us, we ask that you follow these instructions for the safety and comfort of your pet.

  • Please bring your pet’s own food and treats, as we are happy to accommodate your usual feeding routine.

  • Please carefully label all food, treats, and medications with your pet’s name and your last name.

  • Your pet must arrive with proof of current vaccinations or a statement of health from a licensed Veterinarian.

  • Your cat must arrive in a cat carrier for their safety, as this makes the transition from your vehicle into the Kitty Kottage safe and efficient.

  • Please make sure your cat is ‘flea free’. Please check and treat them before arriving.

  • We appreciate if you have your cat’s claws trimmed before boarding them. This helps with care and handling of your cat and reduces damage to our facilities.

icon white paw         After You Arrive

  • Upon arriving, please check in at Best Friend Dog Care office. If we are not in sight, please ring our doorbell, as this will alert staff to your arrival. We will be with you shortly to guide you to our Kitty Kottage.

  • As you settle your cat into its suite, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

icon white paw         Picking Up Your Cat

  • Again, please stop at our office at Best Friend Dog Care to alert us of your arrival. This will enable us to meet you at the Kitty Kottage, as we may be in either location.

  • Please feel free to remind us of any medications, toys or food that you may have left with us. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your cat.