icon white paw         Vaccinations

  • All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations or a statement of health from a licensed Veterinarian.

icon white paw         Social Status

  • All dogs must be comfortably social with other dogs and humans.

icon white paw         Group Play

  • Most dogs will have the opportunity to participate in group play provided there are suitable playmates available. If your dog is not involved in group play, please be assured that they will have equal time in the play yard and interaction with humans.
  • Please let us know if your dog is not suitable for group play due to health, temperament, or other reasons. We are happy to ensure they have one-on-one time with us, potty breaks and time for exercise.
  • Group play is a wonderful tool for us and for you. Your dog will enjoy his or her stay all the more and experience a great deal of stress relief in the process. However, there are always risks which we would like you to be aware of. We cannot be held liable should an unfortunate event occur. We take every precaution and use great care and discretion when mixing dogs together so you need not be overly concerned. Group play is an option. Your dog is not required to participate in group play.

icon white paw         Special Care Needs

  • We are always willing and able to accommodate a variety of special care needs.

icon white paw         Open Communication

  • We are always willing to take the time to discuss your concerns before, during, and after your pet’s stay with us. We believe in open communication between you as the owners and us as the entrusted caregivers of your pets.